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that they have destroyed evidence. president obama is considering a u.s. response. >> he has prepared options for all contingencies. >> reporter: law makers are cautious about military objection. >> the chief objective is to secure chemical weapons. >> i would do cruise missile strikes. >> reporter: russia says the u.s. should not take action until the un releases findings. >>> tens of thousands of people turned out to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king. even in a progressive city like san francisco, we have a long way to go. here are the numbers showing inequality. >> reporter: equality for all, san francisco has one trend. only 6% of san francisco residents are african americans but they are half of the population in jail. former administrator spoke. >> we have to dig deeper to find answers for why we have this disparity in a city that is focused on creating equality. >> reporter: collin powell. >> all the progress has been made, but the deem is not achieved yet. >> reporter: this weekend thousands of people marched in washington d.c.. >> we march be
.com. you'll also find interactive maps. >> tonight, the obama administration is considering military action against syria. secretary of state, john kerry, says evidence strongly i. cats that chemical weapons were used in an attack last week that killed hundreds of people. >> the slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children, and innocent bystanders, by chemical weapons is an obscenity. >> the white house is discussing options with congressional leaders and the pentagon. kpix5 talked to syrian americans and takes a look at the options for military strike. >> this is jugs all the stuff you see every day. >> many of the relatives in syria have escaped to egypt, lebanon, and the u.s., safe from syria's civil war and threat of chemical weapons. >> my last uncle was shot by a government sniper. he was 72 years old. he wasn't protesting. he just -- they just did it. they have no mercy. >> the syrian american hopes that president obama will help the opposition fight syrian president assad. >> we would interfere to put an end to the chemical weapons. >> what kind of milita
to buy health insurance under obama care is just months away starting on january 1. you'll pay a penalty. if you don't have it according to the local non-profit insurance premiums have gone up 170% over the last decade. a new field poll finds that 50% of the california voters have difficulty affording health care. now, some that work out of the popular retailer will not have theirs paid for by their employer. kpix 5 on the criticism that is mounting against forever21. >> reporter: some of the workers got the bad news last week. hours are getting cut, no more vacation time, and they are losing medical, dental, and vision coverage. they are being hypocrites, especially after having the biblical reference on their shopping bags. >> i don't think it's fair for them to be like that. i mean they're a christian organization. doing something like that doesn't seem right. >> reporter: the cutbacks are coming after the company recently audited its staffinglevels, the staffing need and payrolls in conjunction with reviewing their overall budget. part-time employee will not exceed 29.5 hours, which
to raise awareness and pressure the u.s. government to do something. >> barack obama has put lines, red lines after red lines and has done nothing about it. say, i'm not going to do anything. don't give the impression that you care and you want to do something. >> organizer, ferris says opposition forces need u.s. help to keep up the fight. >> nobody in the opposition is asking for on the ground. asking for more pressure on the assad regime and put an end to these atrocities. there are reports that people are smuggling hair, skin, and tissue samples in syria. but until there is conclusive evidence of chemical weapons attacks, it's unlikely president obama will do anything. in santa clara, kpix5. >> tonight's demonstration, a coordinated nationwide effort is planning another demonstration tomorrow at noon at union square here in san francisco. >> survivors of the fort hood massacre cried today as major nadal hassan was convicted of all 13 counts. he showed no emotion as the verdict was read. the 2009 massacre was the deadliest shooting ever at a u.s. military facility. prosecutors pla
. >> weighing options when it comes to syria. president obama says the u.s. may go against the united nations wishes. >>> honoring the dream. martin luther king, jr. speech 50 years ago. >>> continuing coverage of the bay bridge closure. >>> met a number of the folks on treasure island today. the construction going on. high temperature. we made it to the 80s away from the water. there was significant change coming to the bay area as we head toward the weekend. details on that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, chemical weapons attack aga its own people. but the united states says co prevent fu obamas in. >>> president obama has not decided how the u.s. will react to the chemical attack in syria. >> i have no interest in any kind of open-ended cob flick in syria, but we have to make sure when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us they are held accountable. an american submarine along with four destroyers and a fifth is on the way. >>> thousands of people from across the country gathered in the national mall to remember martin luther king, jr.'s call for ra
, the obama administration tells us, there is evidence that the syrian government used chemical weapons on their own people. >> cruise missiles might deliver the message to bashar assad that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. >> this kind of attack threatens our national security interests by violating well established international norms against the use of chemical weapons. >> released an intelligence assessment that says the u.s. has high confidence the syrian regime attacked civilians with nerve gas, killing 1329 people. the evidence came from satellite. on august 21, they detected flashes of rockets being fired. secretary of state, john kerry. >> we know where the rockets were launched from. and at what time. we know where they landed. >> the obama administration is mindful of the lead up to the war in iraq, which was based on faulty evidence that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. kerry says this time, we're sure. >> this is common sense. this is evidence. these are facts. >> the u.n. says analyzing samples taken from the attack site could take weeks. dani
, president obama announcing plans to make the programs more transparent and accountable. >> republican congressman peter king says surveillance is a legitimate role of government. >> i know what life and death means. we could not afford to have this on a debating society. lives are at steak. >>> much of what the president suggested friday about reviewing the program is superficial. >> snowden's father says he hasn't spoken with his son since he left the u.s. >>> activist, the dream 9 were arrested last month from crossing the border without legal documentation. they say they want to highlight an immigration system they call broken. >> it's not about asylum. it's about opening the door to let everybody. >> all 9 were illegally brought into the country by their parents as children. they say they are american in every sense of the word except their legal status. >> immigration authorities will determine if they can stay in the united states or be deported to the country of their birth. >>> hilary clinton will be in san francisco tomorrow for the bar medal of the association which is the h
when we come back. >>> first lady michelle obama opening up about family and life in the white house in a new magazine interview. does she think there will be a female commander in chief in her lifetime. >>> pressure is on. meet sup in the bay area today. as much as 10 degrees warmer. potential maybe for a thunderstorm tonight? tomorrow? talk about that. first looking at the numbers. wow, already 68 at livermore. ,,,,,,,,,, >>> going to be a nice day in the bay area today. er to cast high, about 85 degrees under perfectly sunny skies. ,,,,,,,, 's vineyard >>> first lady michelle obama is wrapping up her family's summer vacation in hair that and vineyard today. she's looking ahead to life after the white house. new details on how she's opening up in a new magazine interview. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama, biking with her family friday on martha's vineyard. opening up to parade magazine about raising 15-year-old malia and 12-year-old sasha. what i tell my kids is i'm preparing you for college and life. figuring out thousand make the ambulance. asked about these comments. >> as
tell cbs news that president obama is getting regular briefings and advised the team to take all steps to keep americans safe. marly hall, cbs news, new york. >> register with u.s. consulates and embassies in the countries they visiting so they can be located in case of an incident. >>> the obama administration has vetoed a ban on imports of some apple ipads and older iphones. the move reverses a ruling in favor of rival samsung. the u.s. international trade commission had banned imports of the iphone 4 and some versions of the tablet two. but now that's been overruled. samsung and apple are in a global legal battle over smart phones. >>> a burning house collapses nearly trapping the firefighters trying to put out the flames. how a fire captain's quick actions got them out of there with seconds to spare. >> and boosting business. the boost --. how it's delivering alcohol could help the u.s. postal service get out of the red can the century old rule that's standing in the bay. >> the clouds i thinkered at the good -- lingered at the coast. good evening everybody and the clouds continue
on thursday to vote on an action -- military action. although president obama hasn't made a final decision, u.s. officials will begin to strike soon after that. david martin, cbs news the pentagon. >>> j they are calling themselves the syrian electronic army. as of half an hour ago, they were unable to log on to the site. >>> and tonight, the fencing, sound system and jumbotrons are in place in the washington mall. tomorrow marks 50 years since dr. martin luther king, jr., historic speech at the steps of the lincoln memorial. president obama will make a speech tomorrow in front of a crowd that organizers expect to top 20,000 people. >>> we've been warning about it for months. the bay bridge will shut down tomorrow night. believe it or not, we talked to people who still hasn't gotten the message. >>> the reason behind the new ban considered for a bay area city. >>> imagine having $3 billion in cash that you can't use? that's exactly what happened to the federal reserve after the mint messed up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, tomorrow night at eight. and will reopen next tuesday. we . >>> the bay bridge closes
. >> thanks, ken. >>> in other news tonight, marijuana advocates are praising the obama administration for its announcement today not to interfere with state pot regulations. kpix 5, joe vafk ez -- vasquez looks at what it means for california. >> that's a big step. sabrina smokes pot in a public pot but hides it with a cigarette-looking pipe. she says laws about marijuana are too hazy. today's guide ins are the u.s. attorney's general intent to clear the air. the department of justice's prosecutors will not press chargers in the 22 states, including california that allow marijuana use as long as they follow several guidelines, no trafficking and no selling to minors, for example. >> it makes a lot more sense to focus it on something like keeping it out from around children and regulating it. >> the new declarations from the department of justice are a step in the right direction. i think we might be a little skeptical. >> michael and michelle are board members for normal and have been fighting for marijuana legalization for more than four decades. they even owned a medical marijuana dispensar
killing himself. this morning the obama administration is saying they have little doubt they used chemical weapons on attack and civilian and soldiers at least 100 people are killed the president however not yet decided on how to respond. this just in syria has agreed to allow the un to visit the site. >> tens of thousands of people converged on the national mall in washington, d.c. to mark the 50th anniversary of martin luther king jr. i have a dream speech. sat's event was this part activist who endured fire hoses and police brutality in the fight for equality for african- american. the only surviving speaker from the event, congressman john lewis said king's vision includes everyone. >> it doesn't matter whether we're black or white, latino, asian america or native american. it doesn't matter whether we're straight or gay, we're one people -- >> the actual anniversary is wednesday, that is when president obama will speak from the steps of the lincoln memorial along with former president bill clinton and jimmy carter. close tore home, hundreds of people marched in san jose, they walked a
obama signs that bill, undergraduates with government loans for this school year will have an interest rate of 3.86%. the house approved the bill today after rates spiked on april 1st. >>> it's part airplane, part car. take a look at this. at about seven feet 7 feet wide, 19 feet long, this contraption shown off today at a wisconsin aviation show can fly you and a buddy. and when you land, you just fold in the wings and drive to your next destination. >> you drive it like a car. it's got a steer ing wheel, a gas pedal, and you fly it just like a little airplane. the stick comes off the floor, you've got rutter pedals. >> it is called the transition. and it cost are s $279,000. you need a pilot's license to operate it. but it runs on regular unleaded gas, gets up to 35 miles per hour. >> and it's the future mobile. >> isn't it gallons per mile? >> yeah, yeah . >> it's a transition. >> yes, it is. it's what's next. and weather-wise, another cloudy morning tomorrow. we'll take a peek over the city. bay bridge there. mostly cloudy skies outside. a cloudy foggy start once again. temperatur
seen the obama administration show no respect for international or domestic laws. in the end, the law is winning. the u.s. government does not see it that way. snowden is a fugitive, wanted on three criminal charges, two under the espionage act. for leaking classified details about data collection programs. snowden has been unapologetic, telling the british newspaper, the guardian, privacy is being trampled in the name of national security. >> when you are -- that is dangerous. >> russia rebuffed repeated requests. but putin warned snowden he must stop leaking america's secrets and snowden's father went on russian television and reminded his son to stop talking. >> he needs to respect president putin's requests. i believe my son's work is done with this in terms of, he has made a tremendous sacrifice to let the american people, what has been done to them and in their name. >> it's not clear where snowden goes next, since he can't legally travel outside of russia. they have all offered him asylum, but for now, it seems highly unlikely. cbs news, washington. >>> a vague, but very se
, authorities warned demagio may be traveling with homemade explosives. >>> president obama wants us to feel comfortable about the secret government spying. today he outlined the plan for doing that. it included transparency, tightening the rules on telephone data collection. appointing some privacy advocates to weigh in on government surveillance requests and calling on an outside panel to review those programs. >> given the history of abuse by governments, it is right to ask questions about surveillance. it's not enough for me as president, to have confidence in these programs. the american people need to have confidence with him as well. >> the government has no interest in snooping on every day americans. he said the new proposals aim to strike a balance between privacy and national security. >>> it was a gory film to scare teenagers not to drive drunk. called red asphalt. the powerful new film coming to drivers to get teens to pay attention to the road. >>> intense wild fires causing massive evacuations and millions of dollars in damage. what makes scientists say they are happening so
to the first team. her name is sunny obama. the 14-month-old pup is a portuguese water dog, just like the first family's first dog. they're known for their hypo allergenic skin. >>> cooking for the a's was slightly overdone. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv. 'til labor day to reward yourself! get 48 months interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. not to labor the point... but this sale won't last long! ♪ mattress discounters! 8th...ryan cook with the wi pitch...mariners take a 5-4d and then with >>> how rare. we have both baseball teams playing home series. in the case of tonight, one result you're going to like. the other one not so much. coliseum. the a's had a four run lead on seattle. mariners take a 5-4 lead. and then more damage. here's nick franklin scooting in. the mariners come back, they score 5 in the 8th. they win 7-4. >>> 7 innings, 6 hits, shane victorino back away and gone. the gi
of those in the crowd had attended the march 50 years ago, the anniversary is wednesday and president obama will make a speech from the same spot where reverend king gave his historic speech. and those unable to go to the washington area to celebrate the landmark anniversary, there was a march in san jose today. kpix5 talked to one woman who was at the original march in washington. >> at st. james park in san jose -- >> he kept hope alive. a rich mix of people from all over the bay area united to address civil rights issue, five decades after the historic march on washington. >> i'm mixed, african american heritage as well as german. >> michelle wasn't even born at the time of the original march. >> i think it was important for me to be here because if there was no movement like this, there would be no me. there would be no my children and so on. >> the gathering gave way to a 1 mile march through the santa clara county building with marchers peacefully demonstrating. hundreds of people are here replicating the martha happened in washington, d.c. 50 years ago. one of the people here w
by simulating combat and battle planning. >>> annual president obama is spending his birthday weekend celebrating with family and friend in camp david. but before he took off, he was briefed on the terrorist threat that caused 21 u. s. embassies to close down today. white house officials say he will continue to be updated throughout the weekend. by the way, the president turns 52. >>> the message of tens of thousands of bart riders to the contract talks, make a deal today. >>> our kpix5, who is making a better case you work the unions or bart managers. plus a conversation with the director the metropolitan transportation commission next. >>> and gloom me on the outside but -- the message behind the so-called depression cake. >>> and we've got typical week ahead for the bay area. actually cooler than usual. the forecast for your sunday before you head out is coming upright after a break. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, male narrator: male narrator: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale is ending sunday. dog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale? male narrator: that means sunday is y
. in a statement released after the president's press conference, he accused mr. obama of making a monumental failure and presidential war time leadership. the president's proposal would be the subject of intense debate when it reaches capitol hill. some republicans will o piece any change. political analysts allan lickman said the suggested reforms could back fire. >> and if there is an attack on the u.s., indirectly related to the reforms of the programs, the president is going come in for tremendous criticism. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee announced it will undertake a major review of all data collecting programs in the fall. >> critics charge that they not trying to curtail surveillance but appeasing reforms. >>> more bay area headlines this weekend. in san leandro,thy repaired for the worst-case scenario, a school shooting. police, school administrators, paramedics, county fire department members worked in the drill and this is an effort to work together. -- together. they worked from a script put together by police who went through special training. >>> the healthcare e
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